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Racing Adventures

Well, our adventure to the Thunderbowl Raceway didn't go too well. I would say a rough start..... First and Last race for the 2016 season. lol. Ok, so not our last, but it will take us a while to recover!

I was excited and a bit nervous leading up to the event. We struggled in qualifying as we did time trials in groups! Of course, we were paired up with squirrels. Can't thank the crew chief enough as I had a hot rod, but track was narrow and stuck behind inexperienced drivers. Not fair to risk their equipment for my better time. Needless to say, we stunk in qualifying.

Heat races were fast! Narrow heavy track. Had to tighten the belts and drop the hammer! We only advanced 1 position. We were all fast! lol Just couldn't pass. Due to our poor time trials, we were doomed starting near the rear.

Main event time! We lined up deep in the field... too far back to even count. lol. With the drop of the green, Faria ended upside down in turn 2. Restart!! Drop of the green, we're racing down into turn 1. Uhhh ohhhh... no no no... BRAKEEEESSSS!!! Car entering low pushed up and with fast closing speeds, we were airborn over a RR. Not even a lap into the event and 2 cars were junked... what a bummer feeling! Entered the event Excited, and left the event heartbroken! Forced to take some time off for recovery, we'll be back. Time to go back to the drawing board and build a new hot rod! Anddddd, maybe find a luck changer! lol

Til the next event, safe travels and adventures!


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