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Bridesmaid No Longer...

Wow, couldn't have asked for better luck! The sayinWhat a g "Rather be Lucky than Good" definitely applied to the last couple events. What a weekend... Car owner's Birthday, his family at the track, and we brought our A-Game. Not very often do we get lucky enough to Clean Sweep an Event.... I keep telling myself,

"Damn, we should have gone to Vegas!"

Payout would have been larger... lol. Ultimately, the payout over the last couple events has been tremendous! More than dollar signs; Comfort, Confidence, and Hunger for more! Keeps us diggin!

I'm just so damn happy to shake that "Bridesmaid" reputation! hahaha. Thought I was going to retire with it. Car owner never gave up on me, and we kept up our efforts on the Homework....Patience, Calculated Adjustments, and Hunger kept us moving in a forward motion.... Here we are, finally on top, til the next event. ;)

Special Thanks to Car Owner Dave Cantu and his boss Rachel Cantu for the honorable opportunity to pilot the Jonah's Skate Spot #63x RACE Inc. Dwarf Car. Like a fine wine, she's getting better and better! Shout out to the Young and The Brave Foundation for your support as well!

Til our next Adventure, Safe Travels!

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